Information Technology

Missouri Valley College offers computer and network resources to encourage and enhance the academic experience. While attending Missouri Valley College, all students will be assigned a username before starting their first class. Students are responsible for remembering their username and password, this information should not be shared in any way with others. The username or email address will be used to access all online resources credited to that student. The resources available to students are listed below. A username and email address will be assigned automatically and this ID with corresponding password will be sent to the student via email and/or regular mail.

The IT department can assist with issues connecting to the network or accessing accounts. IT does not repair personal devices, but can provide advice on the best course of action. The IT department is located in the Technology Center in room 214. Your student ID card is required for any assistance.

A complete listing of the College’s Information Technology Policies can be found on the website.

Internet Services

Internet services are available in every academic building and residential facility. Student devices must be equipped with a wireless network card. There are no Ethernet (wired) connections available for students.

MVC Wireless Network is encrypted and protected by a network key. This key has to be entered in every device when you try to connect this device to the MVC Wireless Network.

The current key can be found in your orange letter from the IT Department (the one with your username and password). The current key will also be made available by posters in every residence hall.

For additional information go online: Damage or tampering with campus network infrastructure will result in fines exceeding $1000.00 and other action under the Student Code of Conduct.

Access in Residential Facilities

Students living in campus residential facilities will have access to the Internet by means of MVC Wireless Network. All wireless infrastructure (i.e. access points, routers) must be installed and maintained by MVC IT staff. Installing personal wireless access points on the campus network is prohibited.

Unauthorized Devices

Unauthorized devices, including but not limited to: wireless routers, hubs, switches, or access points are prohibited. If such a device is identified the owner will be asked to discontinue use of the device. Use of such devices could result in fines or loss of network privileges.

Valley Email

Missouri Valley College offers email (Valley Email) for all students. All campus communication will be through your Valley Email. A student’s email address will serve as login. Missouri Valley College is a Google Apps for Education campus, along with email students have access to Google Docs, Sheets, and Slides as well as unlimited space in Google Drive. Valley email can be accessed on the web site:


Every student will receive $20.00 as printing balance at the start of each semester. For every page you print, your print account will be charged. Current prices for black and white or color pages will be shown before you submit a print job. Money can be added to your print account by going to one of the libraries, the School of Nursing, the Learning Center or the Business Office. Here you can put up to $5.00 in your print account (in increments of $1.00). After you submit a print job, a screen will pop up informing you about the current prices and you have the option to choose how many copies you want for your print job. To print click “Yes, print my job.” The system will check if the balance of your account to ensure you have enough money for the print job. If you have enough money in your account, the job will print. You will receive a pop-up message with the transaction that has been made to your print account. If your print balance is not sufficient to print the job, the job will be discarded and you will receive a pop-up message informing you of the insufficient funds. Be aware that blank pages will be counted as printed pages. If you have any questions about printing or your print account, please refer to any of the Account Upgrade locations or the IT office.